Difference between AOL and Gmail [Updated]

We all understand that both Gmail and AOL have set the standards for its email services and allows you to have massive storage capacity. There are many users who usually get confused which one is better than the other.

This article will help you to understand the basic difference between both AOL and Gmail on the basis of some basic platforms set to measure the performance of each one of them.

So if you are confused about which one to trust for the best-in-quality services then go through this article and understand the points of discussion. Let us start the topic.

  • Interface:Both Gmail and AOL come with a basic template that shows the email list window in the center along with the folders on the left. Moreover, the options for the account settings are visible on the right side of the corner. In Gmail, you can see the search bar is visible at the top of the page while AOL mail features a larger bar on the top of the page. The interface of AOL is more cluttered than Gmail.
  • Organization: The Gmail platform provides a complex filter that enables the users to manage the sections name as sender, recipient, subject, and others. Moreover, there are some prominent features that are required to manage and work with the filters. The AOL mail has improved the Yahoo filter with the options that come with the alert notifications sent on your phone or the AOL instant messenger.
  • Advertisements: The AOL mail comes with a vertical banner on the right that is very much prominent. One of the key features of AOL delivers the advertising services that enable you to scan the emails for the keywords.
  • Storage: AOL mail comes with unlimited free storage. You can have ample spaces for the new messages, older along with the sent messages. The inbox, you can have 1000 new messages, 4000 old messages, and 4000 sent messages. The attachments of the file are limited to 25 MB and this means the AOL offers the 25 GB of the storage for fresh mails, you can request for additional space. The Gmail, on the other hand, comes with storage on the same parameters as the AOL mail services.
  • Unique features: The window for Gmail comes with the window on the right corner of the screen when you open it to access. This allows you to browse the inbox while composing the email with time-saving features. The Gmail window enables you to compose two emails. On the other hand, the AOL mail offers you to use the special features and you see a page that opens the first login to the service. The AOL mail also supports the AOL instant messenger.
  • Mobile apps:AOL Mail comes with android and IOS software. The mobile users will need to configure the current email apps and you need to sync the AOL Mail account. However, the Gmail app is available on the android and iOS with full functionality with all the webmail services on mobile apps.

To conclude – Gmail vs AOL

Both Gmail and AOL offer special features for its valuable customers. Gmail is one of the best email services that are available with labels, inbox, and filters that make it easy for organizing messages with the best features. The AOL is on the same parameters that include a separate window and action buttons. It moreover demonstrates that both Gmail and AOL are gaining success, and the Gmail mobile app and the AOL mobile app continues to maintain the industry parameters.