Why Do You Call Aol The Best Online Service Provider, Ever?

AOL has been through some very tough times since it was first introduced to the world. But no matter how things unravelled, the brand kept its head high and never stopped working for a better outcome.

And that is why, after so many years, AOL is known as one of the best online service providers throughout the globe. It has created a special place for providing a high-end internet-access subscription service and that led it to become the largest in the USA.

Although the focus has always been its email services, it does offer access to web services that can be easily rated as “world-class”. Here, in this read, the star would be the different AOL products that you can access with your AOL email account.

You’ll be familiarized with the sign-up and the sign-in steps for your AOL Mail account followed by the details on a few products you can access directly with your account. The brand understands Internet needs and caters to enhance your online experience.

Learn to register for an AOL Mail account

Well, there are tons of AOL products that have simply been directed to improve and optimize the time you spend on your mailbox and therefore, to have access to them, you need to have a fully functional AOL Mail account. Enlisted are the steps:

  1. Start the sign-up by choosing a web browser to go through the process.
  2. Launch it and navigate it to get into the official AOL website for signing up.
  3. On spotting “Login/Join” at the top-right corner of the webpage, go for it.
  4. When you reach the sign-up page, “Create an Account” would be your choice.
  5. Now head to submitting the required information for the account creation.
  6. Tap on the “Continue” link and wait to get your account verified via email.

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Once you’ve completed the verification for added safety on your AOL Mail account, you are ready to go on this exclusive email experience.

Learn signing in for situations of urgency

There might be times when you might need to sign in through a different device or for some reason, you have signed yourself out. And therefore, we have laid down the steps that you’d have to undergo in those situations:

  1. Begin with launching your preferred web browser and getting into the official AOL Mail website/webpage.
  2. Head to the option that reads “Sign In” or “Login”, and wait to get redirected.
  3. Once you are on the sign-in page, move towards typing in the required account credentials (username and password).
  4. And then complete your AOL Mail sign in after ensuring that you’ve entered the correct and valid account credentials.

What are the AOL products that you have access to?

  • AOL Desktop Gold;
  • AOL (app for Android);
  • AOL (app for iOS);
  • Account Pro by AOL;
  • AOL Shield;
  • Assist by AOL;
  • AOL Live Support Plus;
  • Browser;
  • Data Secure by AOL;
  • DataMask by AOL;
  • Extended Computer Protection;
  • Games on AOL;
  • ID Protection by AOL;
  • Search and Recover;
  • … and so much more.

Know a few of the AOL Products in details

This part of the read will help you understand some of these products that AOL brought to us- AOL Desktop Gold, AOL Shield, and Search and Recover.

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AOL Desktop Gold

This is one of the most reputed products that AOL has ever introduced, after AOL Mail. It is an exclusive “all-in-one” desktop that you can use to access your email, and browse through the Internet to search content. Not long ago, high-end security protocols were implemented to safeguard you and your email accounts from getting attacked and it also helps with automatic updates that help you save time.

AOL Shield

This product specifically focuses on people who have or are on a dial-up Internet connection, or maybe on older versions of operating systems. It is a free web browser that has been optimized for the particularly mentioned audience group. Also, the Pro version of this AOL Product has been well trained for broadband Internet connections and other latest operating systems.

Search and Recover

While using your email accounts, there might be times when you accidentally tap the “Delete” option link or the key on your keyboard. Yes, we’ve all been there. Also in a world with a high cybercrime rate, the slightest mistakes have the potential of harming your system. Search and Recover by AOL has been equipped with resolving features to protect your system and recover deleted content.


The detailed read above has been focused on introducing you to AOL- one of the best providers for online services. You’d get to know the steps of AOL Mail sign-up and sign-in followed by a detailed list of AOL products. Along with that, we thought you might want to know about a few products in detail so that you have a slight idea of how they work. Thus, you’ll know about AOL Desktop Gold, AOL Shield, and Search and Recover explicitly.